Four bills sponsored by Rep. Greg Cheney signed into law

In a remarkable achievement, four bills sponsored by Rep. Greg Cheney, R-Battle Ground, have recently been signed into law by the governor. The bills include reducing barriers to state government employment, improving transparency in political advertising, and enhancing our state’s court system.

Each measure received overwhelming bipartisan support during the 2024 session.

“These are all hard-fought wins for the 18th District and all of Washington state,” remarked Cheney. “Each sensible, common-sense measure reflects what’s best about our legislative process. Pragmatic changes that enhance transparency, accountability, and efficiency within state government and the judicial system. I’m grateful for the unwavering support each bill received this session.”

Among the bills signed into law is Substitute House Bill 2216, which reduces barriers to state employment. Cheney hailed this bill as an “essential step towards fostering a more inclusive and diverse workforce,” emphasizing the importance of enabling qualified candidates to access employment opportunities based on skills and experience rather than solely on traditional academic qualifications.

Another measure, House Bill 2032, enhances election transparency by narrowing the scope of yard signs exempt from certain political advertising disclosure requirements. Cheney stressed the significance of transparency in political advertising, stating, “This change will build trust by providing voters with important information about who is paying for political signs.”

Two other bills sponsored by the 18th District lawmaker address issues related to court reorganizations and the maintenance of statutory integrity. House Bill 2034 mandates counties and cities to notify the Administrative Office of the Courts regarding court reorganizations, ensuring enhanced coordination and accountability within the legal system. And, House Bill 2213 upholds Washington state’s constitutional obligation to address defects and omissions in state statutes, aligning with current legal standards.

Cheney underscored the importance of both bills, saying, “These bills play an important role in enhancing the accountability and efficiency of our state’s judicial system.”

All four of Cheney’s bills become effective on June 6.


Washington State House Republican Communications