Radio Report: Republicans question why Democrats want to give incarcerated felons special privileges, including right to sit on a jury

House Republicans spoke up at a public hearing Tuesday on proposed legislation to give convicted felons special privileges, including the right to seek elected office, vote, and sit on a jury while in prison. Nic Scott reports from Olympia.

 Radio Report Transcript

SCOTT: Republican lawmakers said House Bill 2030 is the latest in a long line of Democrat proposals that prioritize criminals over victims. Representative Greg Cheney of Battle Ground is ranking member on the House State Government and Tribal Relations Committee.

CHENEY: “Think about from the perspective of a victim in this – knowing that someone on that jury panel, under this proposal – that the person on that panel is also serving a current sentence for the very same crime that you were violated for.”

SCOTT: Considering the Democrats’ rejection of holding a hearing on restoring vehicular pursuit options for law enforcement, Representative Leonard Christian of Spokane Valley, questioned Democrat priorities.

CHRISTIAN: “This one bill is beyond my understanding – why they’re pushing so hard to restore voting rights for someone who is currently incarcerated.”

This is Representative Sam Low of Lake Stevens:

LOW: “This bill is going the wrong way of where society wants us to go – society wants to see people who rape and murder, put in prison and not given special privileges.”

Nic Scott, the state Capitol.


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